Thursday, January 22, 2015

My new blogging escapade

Hello readers!
I'm sorry I've been quiet so long, but as I've mentioned in earlier posts, this semester, I'm studying abroad at the American University of Rome in ITALY!! It's been one of my life dreams to live in Rome and its being realized at this very moment as I sit in my new apartment off the Via Trastavere.
I can't really promise any posts in the next few months... at least, not on this blog. That's because I've started a new travelogue of my time in bella Roma... creatively titled... "when in... Rome." I've included the link below in the rare chance that you love my prosaic posts and have always wanted them to have a bit more international flair.
I've also included my friend's new blog. She is studying in Cape Town, South Africa and I'm sure (knowing Nicole), that she'll have some amazing stories to share. I've included the link to "South African Escapades" below as well for your reading pleasure.

So, beloved readers and followers, if you could please follow our travel-blogs, we would appreciate it so much! I promise (at least mine) won't disappoint!

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