Monday, February 24, 2014

A Portrait of Elegance: Deborah Kerr in Retrospect

I just realized that I have done a number of posts with that most fabulous British actress, Miss Deborah Kerr. I think I've sufficiently expressed my deep admiration of her flawless beauty, her characteristic wit and charm, and most importantly, her incredible scope as an actress. She truly elevated the level of some of her films to pure art, which is a rare thing indeed but a sure indicator of a star. And Miss Kerr, for being properly beautiful at all times, was also a great, great star. After all, you don't become beloved and written about by me unless you truly are... the best. David O. Selznik once said that there are only two classes, first class and no class. Miss Deborah Kerr was certainly first class. It has been pure pleasure re-watching her most famous roles in her most famous films and sharing my love of those films with you. Below are links to all the posts about Deborah Kerr I've written in the last month and in the history of the blog. Enjoy!

"I respect anyone who has to fight and howl for his decency"
-Deborah Kerr

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