Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sandra Bullock as Grace Kelly: Entertainment Weekly Cover

I'm a loyal reader of Entertainment Weekly, and last week, who but the gorgeous and elegant Sandra Bullock graced the front cover looking more gorgeous and elegant than ever. She stood, boldly and beautifully, looking at the camera while parting two white curtains. Sound familiar?
Well it should. That's because its an homage to Howell Conant's famous shot of Grace Kelly in a similar pose (though Grace was wearing black not white). Check out my post on Howell Conant's artistic relationship with Grace Kelly here. I have to be honest, while it looked vaguely familiar, I didn't recognize it on my own. EW paid credit to its source, as is right and just. But still, I thought it was a simply great photo and such a great statement for Sandra to make. It really shows how classy she is. If you have a chance, check out the issue, she looks simply amazing in it. Apparently, they made a distinct effort to make her look ultra-sophisticated and... classic. And they certainly succeeded.
I promise- I hefty post is following this shortly. I just thought this would be a neat story to get out... and it was quick to put together!

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