Saturday, March 2, 2013

Seinfeld Painting Sighting: The Chaperone

I was watching Seinfeld reruns the other night, as I often do. I can't help myself- I just love that show. So, the other night "The Chaperone"- the one where Jerry attempts to date a Miss America contestant and Kramer ends up becoming her consultant again. In one scene, Jerry is chaperoned by Kramer in some swanky restaurant.

 As I'm watching this scene- all of a sudden I notice a painting behind Jerry and Miss America. And I paused the screen. And I was a little in shock. You know why?

Because guess what it was? It was Turner's The Fighting Temeraire that appeared in Skyfall! (Check out my old post from November here.)

Now, the room is fairly dark and the moments are brief, but I am almost one hundred percent sure that I know that painting. You can decide for yourself. But I would recognize that beautiful sunset and old steamship anywhere. 

Obviously, it is not the actual painting. In the Skyfall post, you should remember that the real painting is in the National Gallery in London. I also know that this painting doesn't have any symbolism or deeper theme. It just fits into the setting very well. And obviously, Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld wouldn't know that this painting would act as an illustration of a thematic element of the most recent James Bond film. 

Now, I realize this siting isn't really very important but I find it a little funny and neat. And I'm not going to lie, I was pretty impressed with my art in film knowledge to recognize that. So, despite my dislike of Turner, his paintings have continued to appear in my posts- so maybe I'm a little hypocritical. But I'm just going to say that Hollywood just likes Romanticism too much... 

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