Thursday, November 15, 2012


Hello world!
I know you're asking- how can there possibly be another blog about movies on the internet? I'll tell you in a two part answer. First, blogs are free to create so anyone can make them, and unlike early 20th century immigration- there are no quotas. Secondly, this blog is not merely about simply movies. That would be too easy and a lot less interesting. This is about the art within movies. I mean paintings, sculptures, props, you name it. I'm going to steer clear of fashion and architecture because, quite frankly, there's enough information out there and I don't know much about it. I do know art. Now, I'll give you fair warning. Many older movies are not as good at record-keeping as one might hope, so while I'll try to find all artists, all mediums, all... everything... I can't promise I will. Also- I neither own nor claim to own any pictures I post on my blog. They are for decoration and for your enjoyment.
I love movies and I love art. So, I hope with two passions united in one blog, it's going to create a pretty amazing result.

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